“God saved me from, ME”!

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“God saved me from, ME”!


Jambo to All:
This is just a quick Praise report, but something I had to share with you.
Yesterday, Wednesday, I took Patrick off the streets. We’ve talked for 3.5 years, but previously, he just wasn’t ready to give up the streets or the alcohol.

Holy Spirit had been telling me that Wednesday was the day, and He worked out the timing to perfection. However, that evening ‘the shakes’ started. I called Dr. John, informed him of the situation, and he did a house call.

Today, we took Patrick to a clinic, and the results of the Pathology Report is good. So, Patrick can repeat my testimony of the goodness of GOD.

“GOD is so good that He has protected me from me”!!!

I’m expecting more victories in Patrick’s life. Once his appearance improves, we will even do some pictures.


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