Happy New Year & Jambo from Kenya!

ByM61 Ministries

Happy New Year & Jambo from Kenya!



Jambo to All:

It’s always great news for us to hear that we will be getting Visitors from America. Most of the people I work with are living on $2 – $4 per day. They have a very limited understanding of the world, and lack exposure to foreign cultures.

The Young Men closest to me, especially Caleb, have had their world opened by meeting 5 different Americans. One significant result has been their desire to obtain Kenyan passports. (Two years ago they didn’t even know what a passport was or its purpose.) They’re recognizing GOD may give them the opportunity to do some international travel.

How did Street Boys and Slum residents make the transition to World Travel Dreamers? Primarily, it’s the frequent exposure to GOD’s Word and His love for them. However, GOD uses people to get His mission accomplished. Your emails, financial gifts, material gifts, prayers, and visits to Kenya have made a huge impact on their lives.

As we celebrate FATHER GOD’s gift to us, Jesus the Christ, I wish to say “Thank you.” I thank GOD for gifting you to us. Individuals, Families, Churches, a Medical Clinic, and several Schools have benefitted from you being GOD’s hand extended. Thank you (asante sana) for joining the life changing work that is happening here in Kenya.

It’s our prayer that you will have a joy-filled, festive Christmas celebration. May FATHER GOD, the Giver of good gifts, abundantly bless you for the seed you’ve planted in the rich soil of Kenya.



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