Ministry Campus


Campus of BMI Kenya (M61) - The final destination?

BMI has been working in Kenya alongside of ministers in the nation since 2004, but we have never found that place that felt like "home" to put a campus. It has been a wonderful, insightful and faith building journey for the U.S. and other International ministers involved. Our journey started in 2004 with missions, feeding, helping equip and finance some anointed and faithful Kenyan ministers toward their destiny.

Later we started micro-loan projects, supplying bicycle taxi's as a way of "helping them fish" and other projects continued. In our minds we always thought we would purchase a small lot with a building for meetings. Things have changed.

The adventure continues! Pictured here are Kenny Otieno, Ken Gaston, Tom Chacko, Jeff Kirschbaum and another member

In 2013 one of  our minsters, Ken Gaston from California, made a trip with Pastors Jeff Kirschbaum and Tom Chacko and fell in love with the nation and the people of Kenya. So much so that he packed up his life and moved to the nation in March 2015 after he retired. Since then some amazing things have happened and as is his gift, he has a house full of young men taken from the streets and headed into their destiny.

Ken moved to Kenya in March 2015. He made a trip with Jeff and Tom, fell in love and couldn't stay away. Thank you, Ken!

This brought a big change to the vision of building for the home base of BMI. Now there are children involved. How do we combine a ministry base for our pastors, a BMI headquarters and a home to raise and educate these young men in?

In 2010 founders Jeff and Karie Kirschbaum moved back to Karie's home town in a rural farming area in Minnesota. Reminded of her farm area upbringing, she began to ask Jeff, what if we had enough land to teach our young men to farm and raise animals - enough to feed themselves and to sell as a business for those who fall in love with this lifestyle on the ministry HQ grounds. This would give them a trade for a life time. For others, we will have to work to help them achieve their dreams in whatever field it is they are called to and gifted for.

a resident of Ngangarithi village in central Kenya, uses fresh water from the surrounding wetlands to irrigate her crops. Credit: Miriam Gathigah/IPS ...

All this to say, we are praying for God to show us our home spot and to understand His plan for this ministry in the beautiful nation of Kenya and we ask you to pray with us as well.

Junior and Senior Youths at Bomas of Nakuru.