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During the past 3 years we have been able to do a few Educational Field Trips. One of them was to the local Hyrax Museum. Although it is in Nakuru and only costs .50c per student, many local Schools and Residents have never visited.  The Museum has indoor exhibits which go back to the 1930’s. They show various objects from the many tribes of Kenya.  The Guided Tour then goes outdoors, and the education continues. One of the exhibits houses tortoises of different ages and sizes. Then, the Tour becomes a hike to some of the Digs of Dr, Mary Leakey from the 1930’s.

As it moves upward, we get to the top of a small mountain with a great view.  This whole experience provides the opportunity to learn about various topics. It increases the experiences of the Youth, and opens the door for expanded visions.

As a foreigner I bring a different perspective to Kenyan life. That international exposure adds to the lives of the Youth. Your Sponsorships help me to expand the horizons of these Youths. They will actually learn more as they are having fun.

Did you know Kenya is host to the only United Nations facility in a ‘developing nation’? I have a strong desire to take a group of Youths to Nairobi for a visit to the U.N. this year. Would you consider being a Sponsor for this trip? The approximate cost for 14 Students is $260. This includes roundtrip transportation, lunch, and entrance fees for each Student.

I’m sure you can see this would be a cultural, educational, and life memory experience. Help me make it happen, please. Send your financial gift to http://m61.org/donate. If the donated finances exceed the basic needs of this trip, then we’ll be able to add having pictures developed, and the Nature Trail segment of the U.N. experience!!

Pastor Ken

Boots On The Ground In Kenya


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