Safari Time

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Safari Time


Believers’ Ministry International’s Co-Founder, Karie Kirschbaum, recently visited us in Kenya.   This was very significant to the Boyz in our Youth Home for many reasons. Like many Kenyans, our Boyz long to visit America. Just meeting an American is a rare treat for those living in or coming from the slum areas of Nakuru.

On the first day of Pastor Karie’s visit, she met our Boyz. Her focus was to spend quality time with them, to encourage and empower each one. That was followed with a day of fun and fellowship on safari at Nakuru Game Park.

The significance of this safari was not missed by the Head Teacher/Principal of the school our Students attend. Our Students were excused from School for this Cultural and Educational trip, financed by Pastor Karie and B.M.I. Amercia.

Most of the Boyz, like Caleb, were born and raised in Nakuru. Still, this was the first time they have visited Nakuru Game Park; legally. There were several animals they’ve never seen in real life. But a major highlight were the giraffes.

After several hours at the Game Park we departed, but the fun continued. At extension trip had been secretly planned to the site of the Crater. This particular location of the Crater has free admission, but still some of the Boyz have never visited here. So yet another ‘life memory’ was created.

The Boyz received spiritual blessings from Pastor Karie. That happens anywhere and everywhere she visits. Most interesting were the questions that arose regarding Marriage and Fighting Temptations. These Teenagers got real answers that were both personal and practical.

They also received physical blessings in the form of items needed at our New Home.  The coffee maker, curtains, bath towels, and dish towels will be constant reminders of GOD’s love for them expressed thru Pastor Karie and B.M.I. America.

Believers’ Ministry International continues to give a ‘hand up’ to people in many countries. Our method is simple, establish and nurture good relationships and then find ways to improve their lives. While B.M.I. Kenya continues to work with several churches, we are also directly involved with empowering the Youth.

I extend a special “Thank you” to our Founders, Donors, and Friends for helping us, B.M.I. Kenya, in our ministry. We are extablishing a work of eternal value and, together, we are making a difference in the lives of many.


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