BMI Kenya New Residence!!

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BMI Kenya New Residence!!


(front gate)

Here we grow again. However, I think I got it right this time. Instead of expanding from one apartment and renting a second, we have moved into a Townhouse. Our Californian neighbor, and his wife, informed us of this 2 story Duplex they had found. Both sides were vacant. They placed a down payment for one and suggested we look to acquire the other.

I took this as an incredible compliment to the Boyz. These neighbors have seen the Boyz in action for 20 months and still wanted us to be their neighbors. GOD has truly blest me with a good Krew of Young Men.

So my commitment to the Boyz, Nakuru, and BMI Kenya has increased. Both my previous apartments were furnished. However, I’m now buying furniture because the Townhouse is unfurnished. With this move we are also further away from the 3 Students’ school. That problem has been addressed and I’ll update on that later, probably with a Blog. Another casualty of the move is the view we had of the Nakuru Game Park.

So you may ask, “What are the advantages”? The two big advantages are Space and Security. We now have 4 attached bedrooms, a Study/Library room, 3 attached bathrooms, an Outside courtyard large enough to ride bikes, and an unattached room and bathroom with undecided use. The 3 upstairs bedrooms have their own verandas/porches. We have room for increased Occupancy if needed.

The Security advantages are many too. We have an eight foot cement wall equipped with 12 strands of electric wiring and razor wire woven between the strands. (There had been a few problems when the property was vacant) We have trusted neighbors on our side and the Landlord lives behind us. I believe this sets me up for more traveling within and outside of Kenya without being concerned about the status of the Boyz.

We will need some adjustment time as we explore this new level of blessing and responsibility. There are windows everywhere which need cleaning. We have a Courtyard to sweep and outside plants to trim. However, we are excited about this manifested blessing from GOD. Even with the increase of the Chore Lists, I still hear most of the Boyz singing, “Open the Floodgates of Heaven, and let it Rain”!! They know “Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights”, and they want more.

(back view)

This may be Residence #1 of the BMI Kenya Youth Homes. It would be temporary, because we don’t own the property. However, the vision remains. “Empowering souls to do the will of GOD”.

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