Getting Edjumicated

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Getting Edjumicated


Greetings and Jambo to the Friends and Family of Believers’ Ministry International. Being Retired and living here in Kenya has been a wonderful experience for me. I now can devote myself to ‘full time’ ministry, especially since I have a pension that covers all of my personal needs. This allows me to focus on the areas of ministry GOD has chosen for me to impact.

The Republic of Kenya is a developing nation and the people have a large variety of needs. During this 18 month stay I’ve experimented in meeting needs in several categories. The prayers of many have given us protection, guidance, and encouragement. Our financial donors have given us the tools for building into the lives of many.

Some of the blessings from 2015 were:

The urgent medical exams, medicine, and follow up medical visits that were needed to keep Joseph (Yoseph) alive. This was huge because it was life or death, and the need arose suddenly.

Youth Brian enjoys distributing funds to the Project Leaders.

Youth Brian enjoys distributing funds to the Project Leaders.

The 7 rural ministries/schools in Kogelo that received funding. They were then able to buy chickens and/or goats which will help them raise finances and provide an added food source for their Pre-School students.

Educationally we have assisted 2 students in post High School job training. We have provided complete school uniforms for 2 Elementary School students, and partial uniforms for another 4 students, and funded repairs to uniforms for another 4- 6 students. We also provided books, pencils, pens, paper, and Pelikan Geometric Sets for others.

During this year of 2016 we’ve accomplished:

Moving one street boy from the streets and into school. You’ll be hearing more about Benard under the Shakerz blog. Another street boy was entered into the Teen Challenge Center here in Nakuru.

We’ve empowered one Teen Boy with a 2 part dental treatment that has improved his self-image. As I write this, we have just completed the same treatment for a Teen Girl.

Junior and Senior Youths at Bomas of Nakuru.

Junior and Senior Youths, and some children, at Bomas of Nakuru.

We continue to provide full and partial scholarships in the area of travel. These travel opportunities expand the horizons, increase cultural knowledge, and reduce idleness in these Youths and Adults of the Rhonda, Ponda Mali, and Kaptembwo slums.

Pastor Jeff has edjucated me and now I can post blogs on our ministry’s wed site. So be watching for more updates about Believers’ Ministry International Kenya. We are doing some foundational work now which should enable us to have an even greater positive impact in the lives of many here.



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