January 2018 Kenya Update

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January 2018 Kenya Update


Kenya Update

Pastor Ken is currently raising six young men (Joseph, Benard, Caleb, Maxwell, Julius & Amos) and the progress is nothing short of amazing!

Pastor Ken Gaston writes:

The 2 minors, Joseph and Benard, are in an apartment close to the House. This has allowed them to continue in the same School, and also allows them to visit us. They usually join us for supper which is a blessing for all. There’s a sense of normalcy that has returned.

Caleb volunteered himself to do the Saturday Bible Study for the neighborhood Boys in Joseph’s absence. However, with Joseph’s return, he has been visiting on Saturdays and teaching the Boys.

Benard also visits on Saturdays. He has resumed working with Maxwell to teach Dance to the Boys. Benard and Caleb have also been fulfilling the request of the Boys to go to Church on Sundays.

Also, this past Saturday, another Teen was sent to the Dentist. His name is Felix and he’s Pastor Sammy’s only son. I saw him when the procedure was complete, and he was very pleased.

Julius is preparing to do his fourth song and video. This will be the first one that’s planned to be in English. He says it’s much more difficult, but he realizes it is a smart move. I should state that English is his third language, so that’s why it’s such a challenge. Also, he continues to only do songs that honor G0D.

We are waiting for Caleb to return from his second trip to Mombasa. He has yoked up with a Trucker who is willing to give Caleb some experience with driving cross country. Caleb doesn’t drive yet, but he still gets to learn as they travel.

Amos is about to move into a new phase of his life. He has been unable to get his Birth Certificate. That will prevent him from taking his Exit Exam (KCPE) from Elementary School. He is 20 yrs. old and feels the need to leave School and begin working. His career of choice is also Driving; like Caleb. Amos has an older brother that has been a Truck Driver for several years. So we are counting on GOD opening some major doors for him too.

I am very blest with some excellent Young Men. GOD has put this group together, and He will guarantee our success. These Youth have already begun practicing something that I had hoped they would get from me. “I am abundantly blest by GOD, so I’m going to bless other”. They’re doing it, and I’m rejoicing!!


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