Julius’ Divine Appointment(s)

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Julius’ Divine Appointment(s)


I introduce to you Julius.  Locally, musically, and now on YouTube, his name is Jully Eighty. I’m convinced the circumstances for us meeting were truly arranged by GOD, as I believe you will see in this story. This goes beyond good luck and steps into the realm… (read more)

of Divine Appointments!

Julius has a talent for writing and singing songs. His plan throughout his years of Secondary Schooling was to become a Musical Super Star. In his rural home he was rearing cows to give him the capital he needed for his musical career.

Once he graduated, it was time to leave home for the big city, Nairobi. There, he would meet the Music Producer he had spoken to on several occasions. Together, they would develop the plans for recording his first song, and also doing a video of the song. But Julius never made it to Nairobi.

His route to Nairobi led him to the City of Nakuru. It was here that he met a ‘friend’ who robbed Julius of everything. Julius went to sleep with high hopes of his future, but woke up and discovered his clothes, money, backpack, I.D. and friend were gone. He didn’t know anyone in Nakuru, and could not return home with this cloud of failure.

Possessions gone. Hope gone. Dreams gone. Desire to live, leaving. But GOD!!!

Julius was wandering thru the streets of Nakuru unsure what to do next. He was startled by someone calling to him by name. A young man named Hezekiah recognized Julius, one of his Facebook friends. This was their first time meeting in person. Hezekiah listened as Julius storied about the robbery that had just happened while he was sleeping.

Hezekiah was visiting his Aunt here in Nakuru, and was confident Julius could spend one night there while he set his plans for the future. This Aunt is my downstairs neighbor, and she did allow Julius to stay one night. That’s when Julius and I met, via my son Washington, and Julius has lived with us for 7 months.

GOD’s goodness, taking him from hopelessness to a bright future, was all Julius needed to desire a personal relationship with Jesus. This has also caused a shift from singing secular songs, the original plan, to singing to and about the Lord Jesus.



BMI Kenya has financed Julius’ first audio and video. The launching of his musical career at BMI Rhonda church was also a success. On the back of this poster,

(Video Launch poster)

Julius wrote a general translation of his song.   You can also see this video on You Tube (search Jully Eighty). Other Actors on this video are the Boyz (robbing), Shakerz Maxwell and Benard (the dancing duo), and myself (papa).                                               This is the translation as you watch the video.



I remember the day I went out of my home to go to the City and develop my talent of music. I received a lot of money after selling my cows. Intention and my dreams being a Super Star, I faced disasters when I was deprived of everything I had. I was confused and I didn’t know how I could start again. I felt hatred so much, I remain blaming myself. Where will my support come from?


Who else will I love, if not You GOD. Whom do I praise if not You GOD.  (3x)

Who should I love?


I wanted to poison myself so as to withdraw my life or be roaming the streets begging. But GOD You are there for me, and Your ideas are not like mine. I met a man who doesn’t know anything about me. With his love, he advised me and gave me motivation and he accepted me as his son.


Who else will I love, if not You GOD? Whom o I praise if not You GOD? (3x)

Who should I love?


You have loved me with the highest love. Now that am singing to You Creator and I’ll never look back again.

You have changed my cry into happiness. Now am singing to praise You and I’ll never look back again.


Who else will I love, if not You GOD? Whom do I praise if not You GOD? (3X)

Who should I love?

BMI Kenya is impacting lives, broadening horizons, and making disciples. Please pray that our actions continue to lead people to Jesus and break the yokes of poverty that has so many souls in bondage.

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