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Ps Ken has a wish list! Trip to Kenya Feb. 2020


We are excited to say that Kenya is once again on the docet for Feb. travel for Pastor Tom Chacko. Here is a letter from BMI Pastor Ken Gaston, our “boots on the ground Cali-turned-Kenyan man” with his wish list  If you would prefer to donate cash toward the trip, please go to www.m61.org – Communicate directly with Ken at kngaston39@gmail.com • Jan 20, 2020

Jambo to All:
It is with great pleasure that I announce an upcoming visit to Kenya by Pastors Jeff Kirschbaum and Tom Chacko. Oh how I need their company. But this will also be another important time for my Young Men.

However, this email is about my Wish/Dream List. Here are some standard items that I’m always hoping for with each Visitor to Kenya. I will try to list them according to priority.

1. Laptops: If you have an old Laptop or Tablet that is collecting dust in a closet, we need it here. That’s an educational tool of great value.

2. Jerky: Can’t be found in Kenya and is greatly appreciated by me/Ken. Beef jerky, deer jerky, buffalo jerky, flavored jerky, plain jerky, fresh jerky (oxymoron), and any unknown to me jerky.

3. Tee shirts: Think plain, low budget, Wal-Mart or K-Mart special, single colored, no writing tee shirts. All sized below XX for the Boyz and Young Men I serve. Don’t let this be a budget burden. Cheap there is vogue here, and please keep the tags on the shirts.

The above are Standard. For this particular visit I need the following.

4. Table-top Flags: I need table top flags of the following countries. Mexico, Canada, U.A.E., and a Christian flag. (promoting global thinking and a new personal hobby.)

5. Heavy duty winter socks.

Other items sent will also be used and appreciated such as:

Books, videos, floss picks, Bibles, hats, gloves, Chick tracts, etc. Nothing gets wasted here. (Just in case someone is considering sending American dollars, I include the following. The notes should be 50’s or 100’s, and new bills.)

Contact/Reply for further details about getting these items to me.

Asante sana (thank you very much) to all who have, are, and will be blessing this work in Kenya.

Yours in Christ,

Ken Gaston