One year later – and the new bankers are still busy

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One year later – and the new bankers are still busy

Since we, Believers’ Ministry International (America) have now focused on our Family or Churches things are jumpin’. I believe this move has made us even better stewards of our finances. Be assured I will continue to find ways to make each dollar do more kingdom building here in Kenya.

It just wouldn’t do… time for a rescue from M61 Donars….

This photo is the old gate at BMI Rhonda (BMIR). That door was the only Entrance to the property. Replacing it became a priority when Pastor Emmanuel entered and was cut by some of the exposed metal.That was totally unacceptable and also avoidable.

At BMIR the Assistant Pastor, Sammy, is a fundi (handyman). So being empowered financially he was able to replace a new gate. He also had one of our Teens to help him, and he too was paid.

Sidebar: The Teen, whose name is Brian, gave me some of the money he was paid to ‘bank’ for him. I have set up a banking plan for our Teens to save money for the Teen Rally events last December. Even though we/they know I will not steal from them, I have obligated myself to give them a receipt for each of their deposits. So even deposits of .10c, I must give them a receipt. This event was a huge deal for a “slum kid” who seldom gets across town to go half way through the country.

Thank you to the donors who made this possible!

So here’s the new Gate. It was built by Pastor Sammy and Brian thanks to the financial blessings of M61 Donars to the BMI Church in Rhonda slums – Ken Gaston

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