April update from Ken – recording artist, school and a bad back to boot!

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April update from Ken – recording artist, school and a bad back to boot!


Jambo Team:
Most of you are aware that the month of April 2017 has been a very trying month for me. For the entire month I was 60 – 90 precent bedridden and in great pain. So, what was happening with the ministry of BMI Kenya during April? Here is a brief review of the month, and an answer to that question.

What a valuable thing it is to know how to read! For two of these boys, this is their first library card

1. During April our Resident Students were on Spring Break. The students were also being tutored at home during the weekdays and occasionally of Saturdays.

2. BMI Kenya has assisted an upcoming artist in recording two songs. One of these songs will also have a video which will be part of his Debut DVD.

3. Caleb has traveled to many parts of Nakuru County. He was part of a Youth Delegation for a local politician seeking an Office in the County.

4. Shakerz Charles and Maxwell worked with two other Teens to do tutoring for 9 of our younger boys in BMI Rhonda.

5. Our Resident Students purchased the parts of their School Uniforms that needed to be replaced, mostly due to their physical growth.

6. The mid-week Bible Study that I teach continued. Pastors Justus and Sammy continued our journey thru the Book of Genesis.

7. Important documents were received from BMI Founder, Pastor Jeff, which will help strengthen our legal status with the Republic of Kenya.

BMI Kenya is doing GOD’s work. It is not dependent upon me to move forward. However, GOD has blest me with this opportunity and I ask that you will continue to assist me with your prayers and financial gifts. You, too, will be blest.
Ken Gaston

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Pastors Karie & Tom are headed to Kenya!


Well, it has been 10 years since I’ve been to Kenya, I believe. For Pastor Tom Chacko it hasn’t been that long. He continues to lay healthy foundations for growth with his teachings and wisdom in regard to financial health – for which we are all grateful.

Through the years - ministry, family and fun!

Pastors Tom & Karie Through the years – ministry, family and fun!

Jeff was scheduled to make the trip but circumstances shifted so I will be there in his stead – can’t wait! I will be there May 30 – June 9.

If you would like to contribute to my trip, go to the Donate button and BLESS YOU for your donation and for your prayers!

Under BMI, Pastor Tom Chacko and I have literally been ministering and/or traveling all over the world together (and separate) for almost 20 years. He puts up with me! Sometimes he has to shake his head at me but it is usually with a smile 😉 Hey, at least we both like Indian food!

Why the trip?

Pastor Ken Gaston (California native) was called to Kenya two years ago as of last March and has been making a mark on the lives of young men and BMI ministries ever since. There are many crossroads to discuss, assess and pray over for Tom, Ken and I on this trip.

First, hug the big guy; Ken: I need to hang out with Ken, catch him up on local news and maybe even cook a great meal for him!

Second, Future of our young men: One main focuses for example is this; we have these amazing young men in our (literally Ken’s) care – they are coming up on the age where a trade/business should be considered to ensure their success as adults. It will be fun to get to know them better and hear their dreams.

Third, Pastors Kenny & Mary, Nakuru: I want to see the beautiful children of Pastors Kenny & Mary Otieno of Nakuru and give them big hugs!

Fourth, Pastor George in Kisumu: The same goes for Pastor George Kombo of Kisumu Kenya – I especially can’t wait to meet his little girl – which, to my humble honor, was named after me – Surely she will be a fire ball!!

Fifth, Strengthen foundations with Pastor Tom:  This trip he has in his heart to focus teaching on “Four Pillars of Man” as well as “Leadership Qualities” for the young and “Giving”.

Lastly, Fellowship: In all we put our hands to, we want to refresh the spirits of the saints, ministries, churches and outreaches and to be refreshed by their warm hospitality, beautiful worship and brilliant smiles.

Thank you to all who support this mission – may a crown be laid to your account!

Karie Kirschbaum,

Co-Founder Believers’ Ministry International

The adventure continues! Pictured here are Kenny Otieno, Ken Gaston, Tom Chacko, Jeff Kirschbaum and another member

The adventure continues! Pictured here are Kenny Otieno, Ken Gaston, Tom Chacko, Jeff Kirschbaum and another member


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BMI Kenya Household (D)


Meet David O.


I met David on my first visit to Kenya in 2011, but I didn’t truly get to know him until I returned in 2012. His love for GOD and soft spoken personality will leave you refreshed whenever you fellowship with him. Our relationship grew and David has become my first Kenyan Son.


It was DDSCN0930avid who prevented me getting hit by a car during my short 2014 visit to Kenya. I believe I would have survived the hit, but the hospitalization would have extended my visit many weeks.

Shortly after my move to Kenya in 2015, David joined me and has been with me. He has been a highly valued resource as I learn about the Kenyan culture.

During my 23 months here, the donors from BMI have been a great blessing to David. As he transitions into adulthood, he has been able to extend his schooling in the secular and religious arenas.  The foundation of having a stable home has been a key to his progress.

Here are some of his accomplishments since March 2015.

  1. Changed his residency from Nairobi to Nakuru.
  2. Became the Church Youth Leader. Many of the Teens he has worked with are now Shakerz, or members of the Church Dance Team, or part of the Helps Ministry.


3. He has completed job training as a Security Guard.

4. He has completed a Course in Entrepreneurship. This has led to income generating ventures such as the Motorcycle taxi business. One near death experience and a 4 day hospitalization, two separate events, led to the closure of this chapter. Presently, he is rearing livestock at his rural home, continuing his local neighborhood store in Nakuru, and working as a Watchman at a bank in Nairobi. The goal here is to have multiple incomes to reach financial stability.

5. He has completed Level 1 of the Sowers’ Ministry Evangelism Course.

Your financial support allows me to continue to empower David. He wants to be successful in life so that he can continue building into the eternal future of others.

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Pastor Jeff on Kenya…WOW!


Hey all, pastor Jeff here with an amazing report from Kenya. We are up to seven (7) young men now in our Boyz home in Kenya and keep on growing. Pastor Ken Gastons’ heart just keeps expanding for the young men there. Read More

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BMI Kenya – 2016 A Year in Review


The year in review below was provided by our man-on-the-ground Ken Gaston directly from Nakuru Kenya. Some amazing things have happened and continue to progress as I post this review. Read More

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Believers’ Ministry International Kenya Outreach presents Shaker Maxwell


Hi, my name is Maxwell. I am 17 years old and I am saved. I love GOD. dscn0033 When I was a little boy I was a bad boy. When I was in school, every week I would fight with age mates and big boys. If they beat me, I would take a stone and beat them instead. After a while everyone knew don’t disturb Maxwell.

One time I had a pen that many age mates liked that I got from my Mother. They offered to buy it so I took the money.  I never told my Mother what happened to the pen.

I am a hard worker even then when I was bad. I would get plastic and trade it for money. I would use the money for videos and bread. Many times I would gamble with the other plastic collectors for more money.

One Sunday Rogers (one of Pastor Ken’s previous armor bearers) invited me and my friend to the church service. We said we would change our clothes and then we would come to church. After a gambling session we came to church, but we were too late. Two Sundays later we did come to church, and I continue to do that now.


Maxwell is head and shoulders above the rest at this Team Building event.

Now, in school I don’t start trouble or fight. Even my Teachers say that I am a good boy. I enjoy learning and school is fun.


In my future I want to be a Farmer. I have started with raising ducks and I now have nine. I want to be a big farmer and own 14 green houses. In them I will be growing tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, strawberries, and other fruits.  Outside of my green houses will be cows and my ducks.

Through GOD I can do this. My Bible verse that I stand on is Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I want to ask for you to pray for me so I can do this thing.

So that is mine. Thank you and be blest.

Maxwell S.


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BMI-Jeff & Karie “10 Secrets Missionaries Won’t Tell You”


10 Secrets Missionaries Won’t Tell You

Take a second to grow in empathy for our co-laborers.

Being a missionary is hard work. Everybody knows that. But the things we think of as the hard parts—lack of modern amenities, exposure to disease and the like—only begin to scratch the surface of the difficulties of real missionary life. Read More

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Believers’ Ministry International’s Kenya Outreach present Shaker Charles


Hello, my name is Charles O. I am 16 yrs. old. I am in Class 8 in Kibowen Primary School in Nakuru, Kenya.dscn2254-001 Before I start to explaining about me here’s some things that I want in my life. Since I was a kid my goal is that I wanted to pass my examination. In our area there was a one man that he usually work as an engineer and his life has improved better than he was.  He usually tells me to work hard.

Sometimes it is very difficult to achieve my dream, because of one problem and it is the main one which make many of our Youths not to achieve their dreams. And the  problem is that of money here in Kenya. Some family, and others are poor and if you are coming from a poor family it is very difficult to achieve your dreams. Many of our parents can not afford the money which we need or which is needed to the school.

GOD bless all of you who are working with Apostle Ken because before I meet up with Apostle Ken I was a very bad boy. I used to disturb others in school, making noise in the class and doing other stupid things that could make others uncomfortable. When I meet up with him my life started changing that even my classmates were very surprised because of how I had changed. And because of that, these days I am a good boy and even Teachers love me.

Here in Nakuru we had a group. And the group name is Shakerz. We are 5 and even in Shakerz we help each others with many things but sometimes it is very difficult because may be one of us in the group is having problem with money and we don’t have that money. So it is very difficult to help him with what you don’t have. In our group we love each one of us and we usually share equal even if it is small. What we usually said is that if someone help you even with an advise say “Thank you” to him and say “GOD will bless you more than you expected” and the last is that “GOD loves you even if you are a sinner.”

Charles with a new friend at Bomas of Nakuru.

Charles with a new friend at Bomas of Nakuru.

In my life I have many goals which I usually share in the Shakerz and even with my classmates. What I normally do is that, because I know mathematics I usually teach those who do not know until they know.

And the last thing is that in my future I would love to have a very good job so that I could help the needy ones. And in my life there is one very big person. He means much to me and that person is GOD. Because GOD has done many  things to me. Sometimes in difficult things I found that it is  easy for me, because He has strengthened me. And I believe I can do anything through Him who strengthens me.

I hope that you hear our problems which we are facing here. I would be very thankful if you would help us with money for us to continue with our group without any problems. I also thank you for any prayers of blessings you have for us.

Thank you.



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Believers’ Ministry International’s Kenya Outreach presents Shaker Caleb


Hello, my name is Caleb. I hope all of you, you are fine. Thank you for the support you have support me. Before I go to anything else, I want to say that “Thank you for supporting me in my property”.

Caleb at Bomas of Nakuru.

Caleb at Bomas of Nakuru.

Through Ken Apostle, thank you clothing. Before me to know Apostle Ken I was like a street boy. But now I’m good. My clothes were full of holes. But now I have good clothes.

Before I go to anything else, I want to say thank you for supporting me in my property through Apostle Ken. The property I take care of belongs to my Uncle. The problem I was having is people walking through and taking crops. The fence has stopped all of that stealing, and now we can enjoy our crops.

Me and my family we say “Thank you” for all of you that you have support us. I live with my Mother, 1 little brother, and 3 little sisters. To get money sometimes my Mom go to wash peoples’ clothes. I try to do works to get money too.

Thank you for supporting Shakerz. In the group of Shakerz, I”m like the spiritual leader. Thank you for helping us buy the uniform of Shakerz. Thank you for the trips that I have gone; Kisumu, Kogelo, Lake Victoria, and Elbargon.  I want to go more places like Mombasa, Nairobi, and more other places.

I hope to go to Form 1, (Freshman in High School) in January 2017. I must pass the Exam coming up this November. 


Caleb, in orange, witnessing at the Sowers Teaching Open Air.

In my future I hope to be a Pastor. Even my Father was a Pastor before he died. I have other reasons but they’re not coming to my mind.


GOD bless you, all of you.

Caleb Isingri

P.S. Read John 11:35.

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Meet Shaker Benard


Hello my name is Benard. I am 14 years old and in Standard 5 ( fifth grade) in Crater Primary School. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, and I am the last born.

Benard at B.M.I. Rhonda

Benard at B.M.I. Rhonda

Even Apostle Ken calls me Lastborn now. My father is still alive at my rural home, but my Mom died in 2010.

Before GOD changed my life I was a street boy for about 1 year. Life is very hard on the streets. You have to search for food and run from the Police. If they catch you, they will take you to the Station, and you will stay there for about 3 days. You will only eat twice each day, and if you have been there before then they will cane you. At night you have to find a place to sleep in a veranda. I was not like most street boys, because I never did any drugs.

Pastor Ken has told me that he is ”very proud of my school improvements”. When I started school  I was ranked number 32. At the end of the Term 2 I was ranked number 14 out of 60 students. My goal is to be in the Top 7 of my class when I finish Class 5 in November.

My goal for a career is to be a veterinary doctor. With this job people call you and you go to his house to help them when they are sick. It’s a job for 5 minutes only. When I do this job I will work for myself and not for the Government. I like this job because it pays lots of money for a few minutes of work.

That is my introduction and I thank you for reading it. I hope that I will meet with you one day. Have a nice day.

Benard Kirwa